Past Events

The Royal College of Psychiatrists

27th August 2021

The Business Journey

Networking, Learning, Actioning.

Friday 23rd April 2021

The Curriculum Stroy Project

Showing how to make learning come to life.

Spring 2021

Co-Design Curriculum Strategy for Design Thinking

Two separate series of events – Interdisciplinary Learning Workstream and Learner Pathways Workstream – with three sessions each. The overall ambition of these events is to ensure that our curriculum is fully realised and world leading to maximise the opportunities for our children and young people.


Since 2020, Education Scotland, 50 Attendees per event, Stirling

Sustainable Glasgow Conference

The Sustainable Glasgow Conference aims to make this city one of the greenest in Europe. The Partnership’s diverse projects are improving quality of life in the city, boosting the economy and protecting the environment. They covered everything from the installation of LED street lights and electric car charging points to the creation of renewable energy schemes and green jobs. The council-led initiative was formed in 2010 to make Glasgow a world-leading centre for sustainable policy, innovation and action…

Since 2020, Glasgow City Council, 325 Attendees, Glasgow

Brexit Business Events

There were four separate events – two in Edinburgh and two in Dundee. The aim of these events was to provide clarity for Scottish businesses in the lead up to leaving the European Union. These events specialise in providing clarity on exporting and importing physical goods and also data.

Since 2019, Scottish Enterprise, 30 Attendees per event, Edinburgh & Dundee

The Parole Board for Scotland

The conference was organised to celebrate and reflect on 50 years of the Parole Board for Scotland serving the people of Scotland. The Board’s activities provided a useful lens through which to view many of the issues faced by the Justice system today including reintegration, the importance of risk assessment, transparency of process, supervision in the community, the role of victims in the justice system, access to rehabilitative programmes in prison and the independence of the judiciary.

Since 2018, The Parole Board for Scotland, 150 Attendees, Edinburgh

SOCEX – Economic Crime Conference

This SOCEX series is based upon the solid foundation of five annual National Serious and Organised Crime Conferences. Each of these conferences were over subscribed and attended by high level strategic professionals from Law Enforcement Agencies from across the UK, Europe and America.

Since 2016, UK Law Enforcement Agencies, 350 Attendees per event, UK Wide

Annual SOCEX Strategic Conference

SOC affects more UK citizens more often than any other national security threat. It has a devastating daily impact on individuals, public services, businesses, institutions, national reputation and infrastructure. It is estimated to cost the UK economy in excess of £37 billion per year; increasing year on year. It is highly likely that this is a significant underestimate, particularly in relation to areas such as fraud.

Since 2015, UK Law Enforcement Agencies, 250 Attendees per event, UK Wide

State of the City Economy

This conference is Glasgow’s principal economic event. Now into its 22nd year, the conference brings together senior representatives from government and commerce to focus on Glasgow’s economy and look forward to the next 12 months. With speeches from senior political leaders and key industry experts, this will be another highlight in what has been a successful year for Glasgow.

Since 2014, Glasgow City Council, 650 Attendees per event, Glasgow.

The Business Journey

The Business Journey has been developed to support businesses across all stages of development. Whether you are an existing business with a strong track record looking to move forward, or one looking at opportunities to efficiently finance your existing operations, the breadth and depth of experience available across The Business Journey Partners have proven to be an invaluable resource going forward.

Since 2013, The Business Journey Partners, 70 Attendees per event, Glasgow