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Jim Henderson, ShirlawsJim has been a business owner and partner in Shirlaws' team in Scotland since 2007. Shirlaws support Private Enterprise across the whole of their business journey to Grow, Fund, and one day Exit their business.

His clients benefit from his strong leadership and business development skills gained over a 27-year career in the food & drinks manufacturing industry. He has a passion for helping Business Owners and Managers embed the business skills they need to achieve sustainable, balanced growth. Jim’s clients benefit by learning how to create and maintain a structure and environment within their company that encourages personal responsibility, freeing up energy that can be used in growth and development of themselves, their ideas and their business. Clients are supported to build the Confidence to Change, the Courage to Invest, to deliver the Freedom to Choose.

Jim's clients have described him as a fantastically optimistic person whose ideas and presentation are inspiring and motivating. He has the ability to describe complex formulae and systems that make a business tick all in an understandable way, and his input helps clients see the wood AND the trees and create a path through.

Clients benefit from Jim's great business experience & insight, his entrepreneurial mindset, his love for business and his playfully professional style.

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Shirlaws supports Business Owners to build great businesses.

Our seasoned entrepreneurs and world-class methodology help you build a business that is easy to run and a joy to own.

Shirlaws offers a complete business system and methodology proven to grow ambitious owner-managed businesses. Shirlaws brings money, time and choice to business owners. Our coaching methodology has transformed hundreds of businesses in 37 countries. What would you change in your business?

We have a simple belief. Every business owner can and should have a great business. One that delivers financial freedom and equally importantly time, fulfillment and choice. But that’s not the experience of most business owners. So over 20 years we have created a complete business system and methodology proven to grow private business. It's worked for thousands of businesses all over the world.

Most advisors focus just on the revenue and profit side of the equation, which is a logical starting point; but risks keeping businesses small and business owners on the hamster wheel. We take a completely different approach.

By developing the strategies and the behaviours to grow the total business asset (as well as drive profit), our clients find themselves owning a truly valuable business that is easy to run and a joy to own. Working with our clients, we're creators of bloody good businesses run by happy teams and proud entrepreneurs.

The interesting thing CEOs ask us to make them millionaires; but what they thank us for in the end is giving them their life back

Jim Henderson

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