NoTosh, Spread the word via the social media hashtag and streams below.<p></p>
<p>Twitter: @EducationScotland</p>
<p>Facebook: @EducationScot</p>
<p>Instagram: @education_scotland</p>


Spread the word via the social media hashtag and streams below.


Twitter: @EducationScotland

Facebook: @EducationScot

Instagram: @education_scotland

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Established in Edinburgh in 2009, NoTosh has grown to become a global company.

Today we’re based in Scotland, Australia, Canada, and the USA. We work with clients across the globe in sectors ranging from education and healthcare to industry, enterprise, and heritage. Skills development, shifting mindsets, and learning sit at the heart of everything we do, powered by our talented and world-leading team.


The NoTosh Design Thinking Process is a fundamental aspect of how we work. It is the methodology that propels each of our platforms and guides both us and our clients through every aspect of our work.

NoTosh Design Thinking is a creative process. It's also an ethos, ideology, and philosophy. It works in every environment, from the classroom to the boardroom, helping you see things you hadn’t seen before and discover things you didn’t know you needed to discover.

With NoTosh Design Thinking at the helm, and through our years of joint experience, we have built a series of platforms that support, challenge and push our clients forward, as they look to:

  • Move from passive thinking to dynamic activity;
  • Be equipped to work out problems for themselves and become self-efficient;
  • Create a climate in which it’s safe to be experimental; and
  • Develop a shared language

Every day, week, and year, we work with clients from around the world, to help them embed NoTosh Design Thinking into their culture and enable them to work more effectively, efficiently, and creatively.

Ewan McIntosh