In truth, it remains a new way of working for us. We’ve metamorphosed from being the event’s ORGANISER to the event’s PRODUCER.

22 Days to Go 

Every day should be a school day. It's the only way to continue enjoying what you do and showing enthusiasm to your team and your clients. If you only learn one thing each day that will help your business then you can make it a success.

Today's learning for us? - Its easy to move lecterns, cameras, microphones and backdrops if it means your presenters will feel comfortable in what they are doing. The reward is their passion for the subject matter at hand.

Thanks again to James McAndrew for all his help today

Where before we would be finalising rooming lists, menus, dietary requirements, travel arrangements and maybe even a final site visit today, setting up the positions of the lectern, backdrops, microphones, even the position of the laptop was at the forefront of our minds.

And that’s before we work with the new ambitions and expectations of the client, the concerns of the speakers and, in this COVID lockdown period, the reality that the ‘Live’ venue later this month is now UNLIKELY to be available. One of those Monday morning phone calls we hope we don’t have to take.

So, what did we achieve with 22 days to go?

  • Several speakers were added by the client to the ‘wish list’ for remote video recordings.
  • A further list of potential commercial partners was drawn up
  • We decided to purchase a licence for Soundcloud to Audiocast the presentations as well as have them available on video
  • We worked with a great team at IET Austin Court in Birmingham to set ourselves up nicely for the speakers able to come and record their presentations over these three days
  • We remained confident in what we were doing and for the success of the event
  • Pressure? Just another eight letter word.

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