Toni Anderson, our Modern Apprentice

Toni has now been with the company over a month now and here updates on her progress to date

At Think Different Events we’ve always tried, where practicable, to give young people an opportunity to develop their skills and build a career for themselves

It is now coming up to my fifth week at Think Different Events and I have learned a lot of the finer details that are involved in organising an event.

Over the past few weeks, I have learned how to work with various website tools such as Mailchimp, Xero, Modx - Think Different Events (manager), Machform and Eventbrite.

Mailchimp is a marketing automatic platform and email marketing service. On Mailchimp I learned how to edit The Business Journey tab and edit all the information to then key in the appropriate dates and names regarding this event, I also learned how to send out an automated email regarding an invitation to register for this event.

Xero is an online accounting software that connects you to various things including bank accounts that are all linked within your business. On Xero I have learned how to update all bank accounts, added in all the receipts, invoices and bank statements to the correct bank account so that everything has been updated and then all receipts, invoices and bank statements can all get filed into the accounts file within the office.  

The 25th Business Journey

Modx is the website management tool we use to edit the ‘Think Different Events’ website that everyone can visit. On the managers page I have learned how to edit all guest lists to add everyone who wishes to be published on the website and who is attending the upcoming State of The City Economy Conference and The Business Journey event. On the guest list it is arranged alphabetical by surname then alphabetical by forename.

Machform is where we receive all registrations for any event that is published on either the Think Different Events or the SOCEX website. I have learned how to edit the registration form to change any details that have been requested to be updated. After changing a registration form, I then emailed the changes to the appropriate people to inform them that their request was completed and to give them a copy of the update.

Eventbrite is really similar to Machform except we currently only receive registrations for the State of the City Economy Conference.

State of the City Economy Conference

The next big event that is coming up is the SOCEX Economic Crime Conference, this event holds up to 400 people which is huge. Shaunny and Jacky are the main organisers within this event, especially Shaunny.

I have helped out a little by going over everything for an outsiders point of view, helping with minor mistakes (which is expected as its hard work), I have went over all the bedrooms to see if the people who are staying for two nights or one are put in the correct section. I have also gone over everything to then help and inform Shaunny which delegates are missing from the file and what delegates are no longer attending.

SOCEX Economic Crime Confrence

I have created a schedule spreadsheet so that on each days of the conferences both myself and the team know what is coming up, what we have to be prepared to do and so that we are able to inform anyone what is happening next if they are curious.

I have also created a speakers spreadsheet containing all appropriate Information such as their name, title of their session, job title, accommodation, what day and time they are speaking, if they provided a biography, picture, logo, descriptor, take away points, thought piece and their email.

Since starting, I have filed paper documents one being a venue contract folder, this includes all contracts for the SOCEX event coming up at the end of November. The Crowne Plaza contracts which is where the conference is taking place and where numerous delegates and speakers will be staying.  The Swan's Nest and The Macdonald Alveston Manor Hotels which are our overflow accommodation bases where the rest of the attendees will be staying also. This file also contains all payments which have been sent to all three hotels.