Maisie Wilson joins Think Different Events Ltd

Maisie reflects upon her first three weeks with us at Think Different Events Ltd after having been hired through the Glasgow Guarantee

Having recently graduated from Glasgow University, I was thrown head first into reality. Thankfully, after an interview with Jacky in mid-September I was offered the role of Events Executive and to join the team at Think Different Events Ltd. 

In my first week I was well and truly thrown into the deep end. Think Different Events had four events set for that one week. On the evening of my second day the team and I travelled across to Edinburgh in preparation for an early event on Wednesday morning. After arriving at the hotel and discussing the plans for the following morning, we went for dinner in Edinburgh which was the perfect opportunity to get to know both Shaunny and Jacky. 

After an early rise (and a fire alarm at 7:30 in the hotel) it was time for me to experience my first event with Think Different Events - back to back. We were to have a morning conference followed directly with an afternoon one. The conferences to come were about Brexit and the impact that it will have on Scottish businesses specifically in the trading of goods and services. After helping with registration, Shaunny and I headed into the lecture theatre to write down any questions that audience members may have had. I found it rather interesting to hear concise and definitive information about the effect that Brexit has had and will have on Scotland and Scottish business; even though definitive information and Brexit seem to be an odd pairing. 

After packing up the afternoon session the three of us headed up the road to Dundee. Shaunny, being the most local of the group, was our tour guide. It was lovely to see Dundee however, with two more events set for the next day we headed back to our accommodation to rest up. The following day was just as full-packed and informative as the Edinburgh events prior. 

My second week may have had a lot less traveling in it but it allowed me to really start to come to grips with what is required of an Events Executive. With November being such a busy month for all of us in the office we have all been working on trying to get everything in place. My main task has been to work on an app for one of our upcoming conferences.

App Graphic

Having had a similar task whilst interning in Edinburgh a few years ago, it is a task that I really enjoy. Aside from this I have helped with looking forward to future events, planning digital marketing campaigns and learning all about how Think Different Events works.

I am really looking forward to my time at Think Different Events Ltd and believe that I will definitely learn a lot!