Toni Anderson, our Modern Apprentice

Toni started with the company last week and shares her experience of the first few days with the company.
At Think Different Events we’ve always tried, where practicable, to give young people an opportunity to develop their skills and build a career for themselves.

Our latest addition to the team is Toni Anderson who joined us last week under Glasgow City Council’s Modern Apprenticeship scheme. What has Toni though about her first few working days with us then? Read on!

Think Different Events LtdIn the office

It’s just my second week at Think Different Events and so far I have learned the basic ins and outs of being an Events Organiser Assistant, all thanks to the Think Different Events team of Jacky and Shaunny.

To date I have received and sent numerous emails, filed the emails into folders so that I know what ones have been dealt with and what ones that still need to be actioned and created my own signature for my emails so that they are clearly identified as coming from me.

I have also learned who the company work with, all the various websites that occur daily which are all now bookmarked for easy access.

I recently filed paper documents within the office so that they don’t get misplaced, all filed in alphabetical order and date, recent dates at the top and latest dates at the bottom. Some were financial documents e.g., receipts from interviews that took place in a coffee shop or receipts from staying in a hotel for numerous days for business reasons. I also filed bank related documents, from bank statements to invoices so that the company can keep a record of all money that has been spent and received.

I have also learned how to edit websites and update them, including the Think Different Events website and added the guests who are attending the State of the City Economy Conference 26-27 of November 2019.

I also set up the new laptop for Maisie who started on Monday with all the same software and bookmarks I have on my own system.

Finally, I’ve also logged on to a couple of the company supplier accounts and ordered and paid for a number of goods we were short of – box files, a new printer and print paper.

Glasgow GuaranteeSo how did I get here?

It all started when I had completed my final year at high school, I saw the job advertisement on the Glasgow Guarantee website and decided to apply as it was suitable to me and sounded interesting. I then got invited for an interview with Courtney McCrone of Set Training.  In the interview I was asked numerous questions such as why I want the job, why I think I am suitable for the team, what I could bring to the team and what I know about the company.

SET TrainingI was then put forward to the employer (Martin Jack) as I was successful in the interview with Courtney.  A second interview with Jacky and Shaunny followed, it was a brief interview with loads of questions asked by me. After the interview I was then contacted by Jacky and was asked if I was available to start straight away and that is when my journey with Think Different Events started. 

After two successful interviews I was thrilled to be welcomed by the Think Different Events team. After spending a full week partly being involved in what Shaunny and Jacky are doing I have a totally different mindset on what Event Management is, its not all about the day of the event it’s about the months of planning to then see the hard work pay off at the event itself.