Programme 5 February

08:00   Teas / Coffees, Open networking  


Death, Taxes and Change”.

“Nothin' in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." - Benjamin Franklin

From a business perspective we can add that change is certain too – and is a part of everyday business life.

The Business Journey partners will discuss the certainty of change and what businesses can do to mitigate the challenges , and maximise the opportunities that arise, through change.


 Host Susan Grandfield

Susan Grandfield 

08:30  Round table introductions  

 Speaker Jim Henderson

Behavioural Change Re-visited
Change is a process, not simply an event.
Jim’s session will provide insight into understanding the role of the Human Condition in the change process and how to manage it. Jim will explore:

  1. How to make any change stick
  2. The importance of understanding what happens to the individuals involved in any change initiative
  3. The need to make both a logical and the emotional case for change

Jim Henderson


 Table Discussions


 Speaker Simon Murrison

Manage your taxes

With all of the uncertainty just now one thing you can count on is HMRC will still want tax paid.

  1. Will I still have to manage my taxes in the same way post Brexit and how will we deal with importing and exporting goods?
  2. Will VAT still be applicable as this is a European tax?

Find out from Simon how HMRC plan to deal with the changes and how it will link to Making Tax Digital.

 Simon Murrison


 Table Discussions


 Speaker David Beveridge

“Brexit – Are You Ready – a Legal Checklist”

David will be outlining matters where businesses should consider and assess how ready they are for the biggest change to UK trade in the post – war era – Brexit.

David Beveridge 


  Table Discussions


Open networking with all the Business Journey Partners

Adrian Murphy  Craig Mackie  Alan McKee
Adrian Murphy Craig Mackie Alan McKeee
10:30 Close  



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