Programme 18 February

Impact Through Action

Theme - Stop waiting and Just Do It!

The last 12 months have proved how unpredictable and uncertain the future is so take back control of your business and start taking action

08:00   Teas / Coffees, Open networking  

 Welcome - Host for the event, Simon Murrison

 Simon Murrison
08:30  Round table introductions  

 Speaker - Susan Grandfield

Release the Brakes!

Where are you holding yourself and your business back by not taking action today? Susan will help you get things moving in your business by explaining the 3 reasons why we don't take action, even when we know we should. She will challenge you to commit to (at least) one action you will take after the event to create forward momentum.

Susan Grandfield 


 Speaker - Jim Henderson

Looking Forward to Plan Backwards

No business will become or remain successful by accident. Always choose your future versus letting it happen. Why leave your and your Company’s future to chance when steadfast resolve, creative planning and disciplined focus could create it instead? The question is never how good you are but how good you want to be”.

Jim’s session will leave with an understanding of the successful execution tool “backcasting” and leave you with a series of questions to consider to help clarify your business journey’s milestones and end-game.

Jim Henderson 


 Speaker - Fraser Morrison

Growing your business in 2020: ensuring you and your business are protected and legally ready match your growth

As your business grows, it’s essential to ensure that your legal documents are fit for purpose and match the current stage of your business. This ranges from documents governing the relationship among shareholders, your terms and conditions of business and online presence and operation. We’ll discuss key elements of the above and how to ensure you and your business are protected as your business grows in 2020 and beyond.

Fraser Morrison 


 Open networking including our other Business Journey Partners - Adrian Murphy and Craig Mackie

Adrian Murphy

Craig Mackie

10:30   Close  

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