Programme 14 May

08:00   Teas / Coffees, Open networking  


“Branding, Value & Values”

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is famously credited with saying: “Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room.”

Across three short presentations, The Business Journey partners will look at some of the key issues that reflect your own business and personal brand.


 Host Jim Henderson

I co-founded the brand new Harrison James Partnership, with the aim of being the most valuable single source of business advice, business support and business coaching that restless entrepreneurial businesses can engage. In addition we provide access to a collective of carefully chosen specialists partners, to surround the business with whatever need has been identified. We support aspirational organisations, who can see growth in front of them, but feel just a little bit stuck or uncertain in moving onwards and upwards.

Jim Henderson

08:30  Round table introductions  

 Speaker Susan Grandfield

Valuing your Values

Ask yourself - what are my values? what is most important to me? do I live my values every day?
Susan will explain that being clear on your answer to these 3 questions not only enables you to define your (personal and business) brand but it also;

  • helps you make the right decisions
  • attracts the right people into your world
  • is good for your health.

Susan Grandfield


Round table introductions


 Speaker Craig Mackie

Branding - How you look, how you act, what you say...

Craig will cover the value of consistent branding in a business. The personality of a business should be something that all members of a team buy into.

We can all learn from some great examples of where branding exceeding customers expectations and a few where they have fallen spectacularly short.

  • Do you know the values of the business you represent?
  • Do your clients?”

 Craig Mackie


 Table Discussions


 Speaker Adrian Murphy

“Value: company balance sheet v personal balance sheet”.

Adrian will look to talk about the benefit of wealth extraction throughout the life of your business, the value of branding and, ultimately, your exit value.

Are your personal and business objectives aligned in a way that relates to your exit strategy?

Adrian Murphy


  Round table introductions


Open networking with all the Business Journey Partners including

Simon Murrison Alan McKee
Simon Murrison Alan McKee
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