Programme - 12 November

08:00   Teas / Coffees, Open networking  


PPPPP - Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance 
During the morning presentations, three of the Business Journey Partners will consider the Five Ps of marketing, Five Ps of Money and the Five Ps of you.

  • Plan Next Year - Financial Plan
  • Design Next Year - Marketing Plan
  • Be Ready for Next Year - Personal Plan
08:30  Round table introductions  

 "Plan Next Year - Financial Plan"

Whilst you’re planning for 2020, it’s a good time to think beyond the new year and the lifestyle that you want to live, not just in 2020, but in the future.

Adrian will be talking about the 5 key questions to ask when planning your year, your plan and your life:

  • What is a lifestyle plan?
  • How can I identify the lifestyle I want?
  • How will I get there?
  • How can I keep and maintain it?
  • ‘What is your number?’ How much will I need? How much is enough?

Adrian Murphy

Murphy Wealth 


 "Design Next Year - Marketing Plan"

Do you have a marketing / content plan for 2020? Do you even have a plan to get a plan?  Setting out an annual marketing plan can be a bit daunting, but Craig will help you break it down into small manageable chunks, map out the year ahead and also set targets to keep yourself motivated.

• 5Ps of setting a plan together for the year.

• Helping you find time to get ready and ensure you know what topics to lean on and when.

• Tips and ideas to cover all channels.

Craig Mackie

Shine Agency 


"Be Ready for Next Year - Personal Plan"

Forget new year's resolutions and 30 day plans, there is a more sustainable and impactful way to get yourself ready for a successful 2020. In her presentation, Susan will:
    • share her 5P's of personal development which will help you get in the right mindset for the year ahead
    • offer you two simple tools you can use to stay on track
    • inspire you to start getting yourself mentally ready for!

Susan Grandfield

SG Development Solutions

Susan Grandfield 

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