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Event presentations 17 September 2019

Know your customer, protect your cash flow from Alan McKee

 As a small business (or indeed any scale of business) our customers and client are the key to success. Knowing who they are and how they operate is vital to ensuring that should matters take a turn for the worse, you are perfectly placed to recover any sums due to protect the cash flow of your business. Alan will explore some of the considerations and practical step to assist you in being perfectly placed to do just that.

How to use Apps to streamline your bookkeeping from Simon Murrison

Now that MTD (Making Tax Digital) for VAT registered businesses has finally arrived can we actually use this technology to allow us to understand more about our business? From capturing invoices and receipts to chasing debt the use of Apps is massive in all walks of life including bookkeeping.

Let Simon share with you how to automate some of your most hated tasks and share the benefits of jumping to cloud technology.

Ensuring Your Business is Response-able from Jim Henderson

Being able to respond rather than react to business challenges, presents those that are structured well with massive growth opportunities. This involves a mindset shift from a “survive” short term day to day focus, to a longer term view. For example, will there be a recession, are you ready for it if there is? A recession is nothing more than a cycle, a cleansing period. It gets rid of all the unproductive processes, businesses and people, a bit like a detox. This provides a strong fresh foundation for new growth.

Whether a recession appears or not, it’s response-able practice for businesses to look ahead, re-evaluate, re-align their resources and re-jig their product lines - this creates a streamlining, which leads to better efficiency of product and production.

Jim will share the 5 growth opportunities of a recession should it appear over the horizon, with practical tips on where to focus.

Event presentations 14 May 2019

Valuing your Values - Susan Grandfield

Branding - How you look, how you act, what you say... - Craig Mackie

Value: company balance sheet v personal balance sheet - Adrian Murphy

Event presentations 5 February 2019

Manage your taxes from Simon Murrison

Behavioural Change Re-visited from Jim Henderson


Event presentations 27 November 2018

Event presentations 11 September 2018

"Working in Partnership" from Fraser Morrison

“Broadening Your Horizons” from Susan Grandfield

Event presentations 12 June 2018

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Event presentations 20 March 2018

Susan Grandfield, SG Development Solutions

Laura Forrest, Macdonald Henderson

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