26th Business Journey event looks forward to the new decade

The 26th Business Journey event takes place on February 18 2020 as the world enters it's next decade. What opportunities will it bring to local businesses? How can the Business Journey Partners help businesses plan for the future?

Since March 2013, The Business Journey has offered quarterly events to the local business community, touching on the range of subjects that The Business Journey partners have an in depth expertise of. 

Many of those attending do so on a regular basis while a significant number of business people attend when they have both the time to participate and consider the topics under discussion at individual events to be of interst to them and their own client base.

25 events have taken place since the launch and, while topics vary from event to event, the over arching objective remains to support businesses irrespective of where they are in their own business journey, from start-up through growth to exit.

These events remain free thanks to the continued support of The Business Journey partners and they look forward to working with business people to help them achieve their own goals.

The speakers on the 18 February will be Jim Henderson, Alan McKee & Simon Murrison.

Jim HendersonAlan McKeeSimon Murrison