Simon provides a brief summary of what everyone can expect at our next event on 23 April

Michael offers a quick overview of what he'll be discussing at our next event on 23 April

A brief introduction by Craig looking at what he will be discussing at our next Business Journey event on April 23

Jim provides a short summary about what he'll be discussing at the next Business Journey event on 23 April

Susan briefly discusses the topic she will be covering at our next event on 23 April 2021

Why is this event for you?

  • This an opportunity to ask questions of The Business Journey partners in relation to the extraordinary circumstances we are all experiencing and discuss some of the options and support that they and others can offer at this difficult time.

What can you expect from The Business Journey Online?

  • An hour of Questions and Answers in support of those who have registered for the event.

Developed to support businesses across all sectors, we would like to extend this invitation to other business people within your own network of contacts who would benefit from listening to our partners and hear how their own business could be taken forward with the relevant support in the weeks and months ahead.

Our Specialisms

IFA, accountancy,  taxation, digital marketing, business coaching, legal matters, personal and team development and event management.

Previous presentations

To view the recent presentations from The Business Journey partners, please visit the Vimeo Showcase by clicking on the image below and then selecting the video presentation you would like to review.



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