SOCEX - Economic Crime Conference


In the light of Covid-19, we have decided to evolve the SOCEX Economic Crime Conference into a virtual conference series. This new format will allow for online-webcasts, on-demand content, 1-2-1 Networking along with all the functionality expected at conferences.

About the Economic Crime Conference

A gathering of practitioners and managers from across the UK and beyond to examine the challenges faced by those responsible for investigating this rapidly evolving crime type.

The conference will provide opportunities to discuss and exchange best practice relating to the detection, prosecution and strategic management of fraud, Money Laundering and all aspects of financial crime.

How Have We Adapted?

Due to the current global situation, we have had to modify the way we produce the SOCEX Economic Crime Conference series.  We believe it is important for SOCEX to still go ahead in a safe way - hence why we are providing this year’s conference in a fully virtual environment.

What Will The Economic Crime Conference Look Like?

We will provide delegates with on-demand content as well as studio quality live broadcasts.  We have the ability to fully customize event webpages, provide 1-2-1 online networking spaces as well as delegates being able to create their own password protected account profile.