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Accelerate Ayrshire has been developed to offer peer to peer business education, learn about the experiences of leading business people and provide a route to accelerated growth for Ayrshire businesses.

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Thursday 16 November 2017, The Gailes Hotel, Irvine, 08:30-10:30

There are a number of core factors which will influence a company’s future trajectory. Accelerate Ayrshire has been established to look at these, and others, to provide a business educational environment that will showcase how good business practices can support sustainable growth.

Profitability, Productivity, Customer Service, Employee Retention, Core Values, Growth, Maintain Financing, Change Management, Marketing, Competitive Analysis.

No individual, or company, will have all the answers. However, by sharing the expertise, knowledge and network of contacts, businesses involved in this initiative can gain a market advantage over their competition.


Accelerate Ayrshire aims to provide opportunities to meet like-minded business owners, executives and key decision makers to share business experiences across a number of sectors throughout Ayrshire and help contextualise the key decisions which shaped successful and sustainable growth.

Accelerate Ayrshire will facilitate peer led business education and provide opportunities for like-minded ambitious business builders to share experiences of growth. The events are aimed at:

  • Senior management team members of growing businesses.
  • People with an interest in developing their business in an efficient manner.
  • Businesses seeking to evolve and take advantage of all appropriate opportunities for growth.


Accelerate Ayrshire will support, encourage, promote and celebrate innovative and creative business practice through a series of events, personal engagement and online. At Accelerate Ayrshire events, businesses can expect to hear from leading business people with both a passion for Ayrshire and a feel for the wider economic and business environment.

Through presentations, case studies, discussions and forums, senior management teams will be supported in their own personal and company development. Supported by an interactive and engaging online presence.

Accelerate Ayrshire will put in place many of the building blocks necessary for sustainable growth, which include:

  • A series of short focused educational presentations aimed at supporting the business community.
  • Facilitated discussions aimed at maximizing organisational and personal development.
  • Access to a number of resources capable of supporting your business.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with new partners.
  • Developing your contact list through facilitated networking.


If you would like to find out more about becoming an Accelerate Ayrshire partner please contact Martin Jack


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