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Over the last 5 years, two recurring challenges have strongly emerged during curriculum implementation – Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) and Learner Pathways.  Both are key to ensuring that opportunities are maximised to meet the aspirations of our children and young people,  This is an opportunity to stimulate fresh thinking about Scotland’s IDL and Learner Pathways through a service design approach.  Practitioners and key partners will be equipped with the tools to drive innovation and to problem solve to identify barriers and seek solutions to the two challenges.

This work will be led by ES and will provide the necessary skills, knowledge and tools for ES to take a strong lead in working alongside educators to give the appropriate support and guidance.  This will include facilitation of schools and settings who at present are not including IDL in their curriculum design and who haven’t the necessary structures and systems in place to enable their learners to successfully track profiles that demonstrate their strengths, skills, development needs and career aspirations through Learner Pathways portfolios.  It will also include challenging schools who are well established in both themes to further their innovation and creativity as well as supporting and sharing their successes and challenges with others.

The work will draw on expertise, research and evidence both from within our own Scottish education system as well as from other countries.  Partnership working with be a key factor to ensure that schools, settings and practitioners feel empowered to work collaboratively, to feel energised and to ensure our learners have the skills and attributes fit for our current context and for the years ahead. 

The learning from these two work streams will inform and shape the next 24 months planning for the National Improvement Team and will be complemented by a series of Big Meets, Co-create and co-design events and National Conversations to ensure that capacity is built at all levels both within and across ES and the wider system.  This will result in building capacity at all levels as well as creating a range of resources and tools.

The overall ambition is to ensure that our curriculum is fully realised and world leading to maximise the opportunities for our children and young people.

This works aligns with all of  ES’s strategic priorities –

1. A strong focus on learning, teaching and leadership

2. National collaborative professional learning networks

3. Getting it right for every child

4. Best use of high quality evidence

5. Effective partnerships

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